Money and Luck


I’m not a tea snob, but I know what I like. Recently, I found Mountain Witch Tea company. They are based in Big Bear, California, which is one of the coolest places on earth! It’s a lake and ski resort area in the mountains of California about two hours from L.A. But this is about their tea.

This morning I brewed a cup of Black Cat Potions Money and Luck tea.  All their teas are loose leaf and come in a simple bag. Most blends start with a base of black tea with a wide array of herbs, spices, fruit and flowers to give each tea an intoxicating bouquet. With names like Fairy Nectar and Hangover Helper, you can see why these make great gifts. They also have a nice selection of herbal teas without the black tea or caffeine like Sleeping Beauty and Skinny Minny. When you open the bag, the aroma envelops you. You can see and smell the complex combination of ingredients. In the pot, the leaves and flowers unfurl. That’s the sign of good tea. At first glance, I thought there may be too many ingredients but they really are blended well. Helpful hint: if you steep too long or use too much, you will really taste the earthiness of the back tea. It’s very strong. It’s well worth paying attention as the reward for watching the steep time is a very yummy tea. The owner suggested you can make it as sun tea or cold steeped to mellow the earthy flavor. I’ve tried some in both hot and cold forms. Most will make a good iced tea with a touch of stevia or honey.  I also think the Belgian Dark Chocolate tea may be the cure for PMS. I have started to carry some of these in the shop.

(Just as I was finishing my cup, I made a really big sale at the shop. I think this works!)

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