The chilled one – Cold brewed coffee

Fear not, coffee lover! If you have never tried the cold brew method, you are missing out on great coffee flavor.

Boxer Brew Coffee co

“Cold coffee?”, I hear you say.  “That is just not right!”, you say.  Well, you are probably robbing yourself from a great coffee experience and a simple brewing method.  Let me take you on a magic carpet ride…

So what is it?  I can tell you first what it is not; it is not hot coffee gone stale and cold when you got busy at work.  It is not the method of pouring warm, strong coffee over ice, though that is a recognised coffee preparation method.  Instead cold brew is a method whereby you use cold or room temperature water to do your brew.  It creates a non acidic, coffee concentrate that some describe as syrupy.  It is high in cafein and full of flavour!

There is a large and expensive list of equipment you can use for your cold brewed coffee, but you can get awesome results with run…

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